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Life Sciences Language Models for the Enterprise

From innovation to regulation to patient engagement, we help life science and pharmaceutical organizations to get the most out of all their information assets to improve R&D productivity, enhance the quality of treatment and care and prevent operational risks.

Expert.ai’s Life Science and Pharmaceutical solutions provides medical, research, regulatory and knowledge management teams with the highest quality, standards-based and most consistent Life Sciences Language Models available.

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UMLS Drugs and Interventions


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Life Science & Pharma Solution Areas

Drug Discovery

Automatically extract connections between biomedical entities in literature for in-depth causality analysis in support to researchers.


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Clinical Trial Insights

Monitor clinical trials and social media sources filtered by any combination of indication, drug, mechanism of action, sponsor or geography gain clinical trial insights.


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Scientific Publication Insight & Analysis

Scan the latest scientific and biopharma news on drug approvals, trials, conferences and more to ensure users get instant updates for their topics of interest.


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Regulatory Report Quality Reviews

Accelerate the quality control check processes of preclinical reports prior to their submission to regulatory bodies.


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